3 Lucky Leprechauns2023-07-19T11:57:25+01:00
3 Lucky Leprechauns


The only thing Leprechauns love more than gold is St Patrick himself, so make your way to the old Wishing Well and climb the Leprechaun Trail to win up to 5,000x in our latest game 3 Lucky Leprechauns!

Take the Leprechaun Trail to win cash prizes, guaranteed win spins, or picks in the Pick-a-Win bonus! Play the bonuses for the best win potential or trade in your win spins and picks to take cash prizes instead! Land more scatters in view on the reels to start higher up the trail!

Reach the very top o’the trail to win the max prize of 5,000x!

Pick the luckiest of Leprechauns to act as your wild symbol! There are 3 Leprechauns to choose from, so pick your favourite to accompany you on your travels!

Have you got the luck of the Irish? If so, spin to win the luckiest Leprechauns’ gold!


Game TypeSlot
RTP96% / 94% + DE
Min Bet€/£ 0.10
Max Bet€/£ 30
Max Win5,500 x Bet
Gaming PlatformYggdrasil
Limited Exclusive23rd Feb 2023
Full Release Date7th March 2023









3 Lucky Leprechauns
What is the game RTP?2023-04-03T10:45:17+01:00

3 Lucky Leprechauns has an RTP of up to 96%, depending on which operator you play with. Look for the golden arrows on the splash screen to get the best RTP!

What’s the balance like?2023-04-03T11:19:12+01:00

3 Lucky Leprechauns has a volatility rating of “medium-high”. There are some great wins to find on the reels, and with if you’ve you the luck of the Irish you can win 5000x on the Leprechaun Trail!

Is it ways or lines?2023-04-03T11:19:55+01:00

3 Lucky Leprechauns is a Ways game. It is a 5×3 game, so it has 243 ways to win.

What staking does the game support?2023-04-03T11:20:24+01:00

You can play between €/£ 0.10 and €/£ 30, depending on which operator you play with.

What am I looking for on the reels?2023-04-03T11:21:00+01:00

The highest paying symbols are the Golden Horseshoe and the Wishing Well, but really you’re looking for 2 symbols. 3 or more Bonus Scatters in view triggers the Leprechaun Trail feature, which will award a cash prize, Win Spins, or the Pick-A-Win feature. Meanwhile, the Leprechaun Wild symbol lets you choose your luckiest Leprechaun to substitute for any other symbols!

What’s the bonus trigger?2023-04-03T11:21:34+01:00

3 or more Bonus Scatters, which can land on any reel, will award the Leprechaun Trail. The more scatters you land in view, the higher up the trail you start: land 4 Bonus Scatters in view to start on level 7, or 5 Bonus Scatters to start on level 12!

How does the Leprechaun Trail work?2023-04-03T11:22:26+01:00

There are 15 levels on the Leprechaun Trail. Every level has a prize and 1-4 upward arrows. Starting at the bottom of the Trail, a random pick will either win the prize or an upward arrow – if the prize is won, the bonus is finished, but an upward arrow will take the player to the next Trail level!
From level 7 to level 11, the Trail will award a number of Win Spins. From level 12 to level 14, the Trail will award the Pick-A-Win bonus. If the player wins either of these prizes, they can choose to play the bonus (with a guaranteed minimum win) or to take an instant cash prize instead! If the player reaches level 15, they win the max Trail prize of 5000x!

How do Win Spins work?2023-04-03T11:22:56+01:00

The player wins a number of spins on the reels. Every spin is a guaranteed win in Win Spins! Even better, every win is multiplied by 5x!
If the player wins Win Spins, they can choose to play the bonus (with a guaranteed minimum win) or to take an instant cash prize instead!

How does the Pick-A-Win work?2023-04-03T11:23:49+01:00

The player wins a number of picks. They are presented with a number of Treasure Chests, each containing a cash prize. Every chest they open awards its prize, and the prizes are totalled up at the end of the feature.
If the player wins the Pick-A-Win, they can choose to play the bonus (with a guaranteed minimum win) or to take an instant cash prize instead!

How can I play with the Luckiest Leprechaun?2023-04-03T11:24:28+01:00

You can choose 1 of 3 Leprechauns to appear on the Wild symbol: Ardal, Muriel, or Shamus! You can make your choice on the splash screen, in the Paytable, or by clicking on any Wild symbol! This has no influence on the game RTP or features, but does let players choose their very luckiest Leprechaun!

Can I buy the bonus?2023-04-03T11:25:00+01:00

Yes, if local regulation allows! Hit BUY FEATURE to buy any of the following features, where allowed:

• Leprechaun Trail: land 3-5 Bonus scatters to win the Leprechaun Trail!
• Win Spins: play 4-15 guaranteed Win Spins!
• Pick-A-Win: win 1-5 picks for cash prizes!