We make games we would want to play! Games with outstanding math and great graphics. We are also not afraid to innovate and try new things, after all is’nt it boring when everything is the same?!

2 Gods Zeus vs Thor2021-01-27T15:05:17+00:00
Santa 9k Yeti Slot2020-12-02T09:47:58+00:00
123 BOOM!2020-11-18T09:06:56+00:00
6 Wild Sharks2020-10-07T10:18:19+01:00
1000X BUSTA2020-10-07T10:07:57+01:00
1 Left Alive Slot2020-10-07T10:00:17+01:00
9k Yeti Slot2020-10-07T09:56:03+01:00
100 Bit Dice2020-10-07T09:31:17+01:00