Outrun the law for a massive potential score: the heat is on in 60 Second Heist, a 5-reel, 1,024-way slot, featuring 4ThePlayer’s revolutionary WIN TIME feature!

Win 60 seconds of Win Time Free Spins – keep spinning until you run out of time! Increase your win multiplier the longer you play and collect speed boosts and extra time on the reels! Can you pull off a daring heist and escape with your hard-won rewards?

The Turbo Lock Respin feature can trigger on any winning spin: respin the reels for 5 seconds while all winning symbols lock in place for a massive potential payout!

Activate Bonus Bet and finetune your chance of triggering Win Time Free Spins – play the game how you want to play!

Put your foot down and spin those reels: the heist starts now!


Game TypeSlot
ThemeBank Heist
RTP96% & 94%
Min Bet€/£ 0.20
Max Bet€/£ 20
Max Win60,000 x Bet
Gaming PlatformYggdrasil
Limited Exclusive Release DateFeb 2021
Network Release Date24th Feb 2022


60 Second Heist Trailer Video


60 Second Heist - Win Time


60 Second Heist - Bonus Bet


60 Second Heist - Big Reel Portrait Mode

60 Second Heist Demo
60 Second Heist Demo UK

We’re absolutely thrilled to introduce players to 60 Second Heist™ as it’s without a doubt our most exciting high-octane slot to date. This tile offers an unrivalled experience, and we truly believe that we’ve created something special.

Chris Ash, Founder and Business Development Director at 4ThePlayer

What is the game RTP?

60 Second Heist has an RTP of up to 96%, depending on which operator you play with. Look for the golden arrows on the splash screen to get the best RTP!

What’s the balance like?

There are massive wins to be found in 60 Second Heist—you can win up to 60,000x your bet! The best wins can be found in Win Time Free Spins, which can go crazy if you win extra time and boost your win multiplier.

Is it ways or lines?

60 Second Heist is a Ways game. It is a 5x4 game, so it has 1,024 ways to win.

What staking does the game support?

You can play between €/£ 0.20 and €/£ 20, depending on which operator you play with.

What other games is it similar to?

In terms of the game balance, 60 Second Heist is a perfect new entry to the 4ThePlayer.com catalogue: lots of big win potential and some massive bonuses to be won. But when you look at the features, 60 Second Heist is completely unique, featuring the never-before-seen Win Time mode that awards time instead of spins!

What am I looking for on the reels?

For the big wins, keep an eye out for the brothers: the 2 highest paying symbols who will mask up during Free Spins to find the biggest possible score. Also watch for their WILD lady friend, who substitutes for any other symbol to form a win and who shows her true colours in Free Spins when she dons her FBI uniform—where do her loyalties truly lie?

What’s the bonus trigger?

The Turbo Lock Respin bonus might activate on any winning spin in the base game.
3 or more Free Spins Scatters, which can land on reels 1, 3, and 5, will award 60 seconds of Win Time Free Spins.

How do Turbo Lock Respins work?

All winning symbols will lock in place and the reels will keep respinning for 10 seconds: any new symbols that land and improve your existing win (or create a new win) will also lock in place, and you will be awarded the total at the end!

How do Win Time Free Spins work?

In Free Spins, keep spinning until you run out of time! There is no fixed number of Free Spins: once the timer runs out, your bonus will finish. Increase your win multiplier the longer you play: a light will move around the reel border while the bonus plays, and each time it completes a lap your win multiplier will go up. The higher your win multiplier, the faster it will continue to increase, so you can get some crazy wins if Free Spins keeps going! Land Scatter symbols to win speed boosts and extra time on the reels! Speeds boosts increase the speed of the spinning reels and win count ups, and you can win up to 2 minutes of extra time on any Extra Time scatter!

If I run out of time, do I lose my Extra Time scatter?

No! If you have an Extra Time scatter on the reels when the clock runs out, then your extra time will be added to the clock to continue your bonus!

What does the time display mean in the bonus?

It counts down your time remaining. Once it hits 0, the bonus will finish unless you land an Extra Time scatter.

Can I buy the bonus?

This game features our new BONUS BET mode where regulations allow. You can increase your bet size with a slider, which increases your chance of winning Free Spins—all the way to a 1 in 1 Buy Feature chance where the Free Spins bonus is guaranteed!

What’s the difference between BONUS BET and POWER BET?

In locations that do not allow the ability to buy the bonus, the game has a POWER BET mode: you can increase your bet by up to 2x to set your bonus chance, but you won’t be able to buy the bonus in a guaranteed single spin.
Note that some operators may choose not to activate POWER BET.

How does BONUS BET / POWER BET work?

BONUS BET and POWER BET give you a slider to increase your bet in increments to boost your chance of winning Free Spins. For BONUS BET, you can increase your bet enough to guarantee Free Spins on a single spin. This is done by changing the reels to reels with more scatters. Using BONUS BET / POWER BET does not affect the game RTP.

Does a fast computer help with the bonus? What if I have a slow computer?

The speed of your computer will make no difference to the bonuses in this game: all of the maths is calculated on the game server as with any other game. If you experience any slowdown or lag while playing, the game results will not be affected at all.

How does the bonus resume work? If I am halfway through Free Spins and I lose connection, what happens?

In the event that connection is lost and the bonus is interrupted, the bonus will restart from the beginning when the game is reloaded, and will play the entire Free Spins round from the beginning. Any spins that were already played before losing connection will be shown again.

who made 60 Second Heist?

60 Second Heist is made by 4ThePlayer