We are looking to build a new in-house development team, working remotely with us to create amazing, best-in-field gambling games. We need a Lead Front End JavaScript Developer who can work remotely to help us assemble and lead that team. This is a unique opportunity to join a rapid growing business set for success and to drive development strategy and key decisions from the ground up.

The ideal person will be passionate about gaming and experienced in creating cutting edge JavaScript games using the latest technology and end to end processes. They should have a good eye for detail, be able to deal with the pressure of deadline deliveries, be driven to continually improve, and relish leading and working within teams.

Role Responsibilities

Reporting directly to the CEO and founders, they should lead or assist in:

  1. Assembling a new in-house development team
  2. Building a new slot framework
  3. Consult with, manage, and drive strategy for existing out-source development teams
    who will continue to build games in parallel to in-house team
  4. Prototype innovative new game features, assist our current in-house mathematical
    simulation and back end development team in driving development strategy.

Key skills:

  • Typescript
  • js, Howler.js
  • Spine, Texture Packer
  • WebGL knowledge
  • Strong communication skills – fluent in English
  • Fun to work with

Any of the following is considered a plus:

  • Experience with Shader programming (GLSL), Three.js, Node.js, Inversify.js, Electron, Chromium, Webpack,
  • Full stack, end to end development experience including project management, documentation, version control, build processes, QA, such as Github, JIRA, Clubhouse, Agile, Scrum, Jenkins, Browserstack, Automated testing or similar.
  • Experience of art, design, 3D or animation, Photoshop scripting, After Effects
  • Regularly plays slot games online
  • Game concepting, prototyping or game design experience
  • Experience in architecting software OO, Dependency Inversion, Design Patterns, Data Structures, etc.

Why work for us?

  • This is a chance to work in a business that is taking off within the gaming industry, alongside founders with proven track records of success in growing this kind of business.

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