3 Secret Cities, 4ThePlayer’s latest game released across the Relax network today, will be played live later this week by slot streamer extraordinaire, Hideous Slots

The game features 4ThePlayer’s new BONUS↑UP mechanic, which improves your bonus the longer you play without hitting one. In addition, once you’ve completed a bonus, the game improves the chance to hit your next bonus quickly! This player-centric innovation takes the player on a unique adventure and is bound to make an exciting stream for Hideous Slots. 

3 Secret Cities is the first 4ThePlayer game to allow players to Buy Feature (depending on territory); those who do will enjoy an enhanced RTP of 98%. The game also boasts a top win of 50,000 times your stake!

Hideous Slots will be playing the game on his YouTube channel on 27 MAY 2021 at 20:00 CEST (19:00 BST UK).

Will Barnes at Hideous Slots said:

“3 Secret Cities is a fun, vibrant, clean game with a clear picture of what the player wants to achieve. I can’t wait to explore the lost temples and see the wonders and – hopefully – big wins that await me!”

Andrew Porter CEO of 4ThePlayer.com said

“We are all about creating innovative entertainment experiences at 4ThePlayer.com. There is no better way to show off the features and fun a player can find in 3 Secret Cities than having William take our game for a spin and discover the lost temple treasure for himself!” 

 For more information, visit the 4ThePlayers.com website or read the Hideous Slots review of 3 Secret Cities.